• Bhendi Bazaar is a salute to the khao gallis of Bombay. To the artisanal way of cooking. Fresh ingredients, cooking from scratch, with care, hands, heart. It was born of two of my biggest passions; good food, and all things Bombay. Find out more.

  • A percentage of our proceeds are donated to The Akshaya Patra Foundation a remarkable charity who provide free, freshly cooked, nourishing school lunches through their Food For Education initiative. Find out more.

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  • Whilst trading with Tamil merchants in India, the British walas were introduced to Kari, a thin, soup like spicy sauce, which they picked up as ‘curry.’ Spice blends for cooking this dish were exported to Britain. The fate of Indian food in Britain was sealed. From here on in, any Indian food would be described as ‘curry,’ probably with little expectation that it would go on to become one of the nation’s favourite foods.